With the rising popularity of the video essay, it also appears more and more in journalistic media. Here we will compile a list of interesting (online or printed media) articles on this form, interviews with important practitioners and so forth.


Catherine Grant, a Guardiã da Cinefilia Digital (Interact)

Interact’s long and thorough interview with film scholar and renowned video essayist Catherine Grant is notable for its hybrid form. The questions are written, Grant’s answers are presented in short video clips taken from the interview. The resulting piece addresses many aspects of the audiovisual essay’s theory and practice.

Read and watch it online.

Kevin B. Lee in Plain Text (Cinea)

Renowned video essay maker Kevin B. Lee reflects on a decade of work in the format in this interview for the Belgian outlet Cinea.

Read the article online or in PDF format.

Apuntes en torno al ensayo audiovisual (Correspondencias)

A concise status report (in Spanish) on the video essay published in an issue dedicated to the politics of cinema of the magazine Correspondencias.

Read the article online or in PDF format.