A Supercut about Superman’s Saves

Does Superman only save damsels in distress? Or can imperiled gents count on him as well? This fun supercut tries to find out. Film student Jente Lesschaeve compiles all of Superman’s rescue missions in the four Christopher Reeve films. But he does more than just list those heroic feats: he also keeps count. Like other supercutters have done before (with topics as diverse as Tarantino’s death toll or gendered behavior in front of mirrors), Lesschaeve tallies the results.


At the end of the supercut, he is happy to be able to report that Reeve’s Superman did not, in fact, favor any of the sexes. And that even felines can bank on him. (It would be interesting to see whether Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill continued this courteous and nondiscriminatory tradition. Anyone up for another supercut?)