Bergman Framed: Windows and Doors


Thomas Elsaesser et al.


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One of three video studies devised by Thomas Elsaesser, during his year as Ingmar Bergman Professor at Stockholm University in 2007 in conjunction with the project “Ingmar Bergman in the Museum”, the scope of which is set out in an article by the same name (online here:

Initially, seven videos were planned, to complement each of the chapters in the book Film Theory – An Introduction through the Senses (co-written with Malte Hagener; see

The research for all seven of the “Bergman Senses” videos was carried out by Elsaesser, together with Anne Bachmann, a PhD student at Stockholm University, and Jonas Moberg then edited three of them. Further videos (as well as one “out of series” on “The Artist in Bergman”) were undertaken, including by a group of Elsaesser’s Amsterdam students, led by Amir Vodka, but these remained in draft form.