How Disney Uses Language




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I probably looked way to hard into this, but I was really excited when I first saw “We Know The Way” in the movie theater. And I have to say, I’m genuinely excited to see what Disney has in store for their next showstopper. Also, if you’re interested in a more detailed explanation as to why song translations suck, then you should check out PlayTheMind’s video called “Why Song Translations Usually Suck”!… And honestly, looking back at this video, I really regret not giving him a shoutout at the very least. I made this video back when I was tiny and I never thought I’d go anywhere on YouTube, so when I saw bigger channels talking about concepts I was familiar with, I never thought that one day our videos might have any kind of overlap. And in a way, even though I specifically remember my professor telling me to “not bother with something that isn’t in English or that you’ll have to translate because of these problems,” I look back on this video and feel bad that I didn’t include PlayTheMind’s video in at least some capacity.


NOTE: So it looks like I didn’t convey what I meant with the “Deilig er Jorden/Fairest Lord Jesus” very well. “Deilig er Jorden” does not directly translate to “Fairest Lord Jesus.” BUT, if you look these two hymns up you’ll find that they are the same piece of music. This is a perfect example of how you have to change the meaning of a text when translating it into another language if you want to maintain the integrity of the piece in question. Sorry for all of the confusion!