Installations and Compilations: Elsaesser Senses


Catherine Grant
Thomas Elsaesser, Anne Bachmann and Jonas Moberg


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Bergman Senses:Three videos from a proposed seven part series for the ‘Bergman in the Museum’ Project, Sweden 2007.

Project Director: Thomas Elsaesser;
Project Researcher: Anne Bachmann;
Video Editor: Jonas Moberg


Originally published on YouTube in July 2008:
–Bergman’s Bodies: Touch and Skin
–Bergman Framed: Windows and Doors
–Machines of Vision and Audition in Bergman: Eye and Ear


Bergman Senses was formally published in the inaugural issue of [in]Transition: Journal of Videographic Film and Moving Image Studies,
1.1 , 2014.

The videos were curated by the journal co-editor Catherine Grant as an example of audiovisual research not originally intended for online circulation but which had been hugely influential on her own videographic practice as a scholar circulating her work largely outside of the museum or gallery context.

The videos have been newly compiled – or re-installed – by Grant videographically, as a tribute to the foundational audiovisual as well as written work of their director Thomas Elsaesser. Thomas was extremely supportive and warmly appreciative of the sensuous methodologies of video essay practice. Our field owes him a huge debt of gratitude for his championing of the methods of this form of artistic research.


In warm memory of Professor Thomas Elsaesser (1943-2019), inspirational film and media scholar.


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