Pretty Messed Up #1: Waking the Frog

We all know Kermit the Frog as an effervescent, if somewhat fidgety and fussy, character. Sure, he may get worked up when facing the many pitfalls and the stress of producing a Muppet Show. But he never seems to lose his mettle and liveliness. Kermit is an animated creature in more ways than one. Not today, however.


In the drama Waking the Dead, Billy Crudup starts questioning his political ambitions and even his sanity in the wake of a personal tragedy. He admits the existential doubts that are plaguing him in a restaurant-set monologue. As played by Crudup, it is an admission that is as powerful as it is heartrending.


In this creative mash-up, Kermit adopts Crudup’s psychological confusion as his own. The velvety frog faces his puppet pals and confesses in Crudup’s words. The result is a surreal soliloquy that feel strangely in tune with the times we live in (1).

This mash-up is part of a series of similar efforts, Pretty Messed Up, the brainchild of Dutch director Peet Gelderblom. This inaugural episode was first published by Fandor. Catch up on the other episodes in this series via these links:


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You may also know Gelderblom from his side-by-side montage that pitted Hitchcock against De Palma in a Split Screen Bloodbath. His Director’s Cut of Raising Cain was approved by De Palma himself.

(1) This video essay was first published by Fandor on the day of the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States.
This video essay includes clips from:


Waking the Dead [feature film] Dir. Keith Gordon. Egg Pictures et al., USA, 2000. 105 mins.
The Muppets [feature film] Dir. James Bobin. The Muppets Studio et al., USA, 2011. 103 mins.


The music is:


‘Thinking Back’ [music track, digital download] Composer Max Surla. Media Right Productions, USA, 2015. 2 min 43 secs.