Why Framing Matters

This Fandor video essay seems tightly structured around five different definitions of the term “frame” (even spelling them out as lemmata on screen, to introduce each new segment). Nevertheless, the reasoning is commendably free-form and associative.


Video essayist Chloé Galibert-Laîné focusses on the ideological aspects involved in framing: the ways in which the film frame, well, frames the story and the world that are represented in it. These ideological framings range from the overtly political to the intensely personal, but they never are


The essay collects observations on five wildly differing movies, from Mommy to Mad Max: Fury Road. Interpreting the term “frame” in loose and varying ways (which would be harder to do in a stricter, more academic format) allows this essayist to tie things together nicely and make argumentatious shortcuts.